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Chet Baker Feel The Groove (2 CD) Серия: Feel The Groove инфо 10536q.

Ремастированное издание Диски упакованы в Jewel Case и вложены в картонную коробку Содержание CD1: Chet Baker Feel The Groove 1 Love Walked In 2 A Little Duet For Zoot And Chet 3 Bockhanal бэцфф 4 Half Nelson 5 Happy Little Sunbeam 6 Love 7 My Funny Valentine 8 Moon Love 9 Moonlights Becomes You 10 The Wind 11 Trickdidlier 12 What A Difference A Day Made 13 What's New 14 There Will Never Be Another You 15 A Dandyвкувф Line 16 I Get Along With You 17 I Fall In Love Too Easily 18 Time After Time 19 But Not For Me 20 Lullaby Of The Leaves CD2: Chet Baker Feel The Groove 1 You Don't Know What Love Is 2 You Better Go Now 3 Why Shouldn't? 4 Come Out Wherever You Are 5 Pro Defunctus 6 I Love You 7 I Married An Angel 8 Bea's Flat 9 I'm Through With You 10 No Lies (Incomplete) 11 Carsons City Stage 12 Deep Purple 13 Look For Thвсжюбe Silver Lining 14 All The Things You Are 15 Russ Job 16 Stella By Starlight 17 The Half Dozen 18 Line For Lyons Исполнитель Чет Бейкер Chet Baker.