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Henry Red Allen Jazz Edition (4 CD) Серия: Quadromania инфо 10522q.

Ремастированное издание Диски упакованы в Jewel Case и вложены в картонную коробку Содержание CD1: Henry Red Allen Jazz Edition 1 Bugle Call Rag 2 Oh! Peter 3 Margie 4 Spider Crawl 5бэцщс Who's Sorry Now 6 Take It Slow and Easy 7 Bald-Headed Mama 8 I Would Do Anything for You 9 Mean Old Bed Bug Blues 10 Yellow Dog Blues 11 Yes Suh! 12 Who Stole the Lock? 13 Shine on Your Shoes 14 It's Gonna Be You 15 Someone Stoвкузсle Gabriel's Horn CD2: Henry Red Allen Jazz Edition 1 Till the Clock Strikes Three 2 You'll Never Go to Heaven (If You Break My Heart) 3 Miller's Daughter, Marianne 4 Merry-Go-Round Broke Down 5 Have You Ever Been in Heaven? 6 (Is It) Love or Infatuation? 7 I Owe You 8 Can I Forget You? 9 Canal Street Blues 10 Shim Me Sha Wabble 11 King Porter Stomp 12 KK Boogie 13 Sometimes I'm Happy 14 Ol' Man River 15 Sheridan,, всзатSquare" 16 Siesta at the Fiesta 17 Jack the Bellboy 18 Indiana CD3: Henry Red Allen Jazz Edition 1 Indiana (Take 2) 2 Jack the Bellboy (Take 2) 3 Theme 4 Ride, Red, Ride 5 Just a Feeling 6 Dark Eyes 7 Dear Old Southland 8 Red Jump 9 Get the Mop 10 Crawl 11 Buzz Me 12 Drink Hearty 13 Get the Mop 14 Count Me Out 15 Check Up 16 It It's Love You Want 17 Let Me Miss You CD4: Henry Red Allen Jazz Edition 1 Struttin' with Some Barbecue 2 Squeeze Me 3 Love Is Just Around the Corner 4 Body and Soul 5 Sweet Sue (Just You) 6 Snag It 7 I Ain't Got Nobody 8 St James Infirmary 9 Ride, Red, Ride 10 Eh, LA Bas (Trad) 11 Ain't She Sweet 12 Beale Street Blues 13 Clarinet Marmalade Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) Фэтс Уоллер Fats Waller Эдди Кондон Eddie Condon Эдмонд Холл Edmond Hall.

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